Black Box iCOMPEL Data Engine Application Installation Guide

Installation Prerequisites

The target machine must meet the following requirements:

The following software installation is recommended:

To complete product licensing and start using the application, you will need:

To use the application the operating environment must allow the following:


To install the Black Box iCOMPEL Data Engine application:

  1. Ensure the above installation prerequisites have been met.
  2. Please run the file 'Black Box_IDE_Setup_V3.3.2-51932.exe'. You may require administrator privileges to install this application.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions to install the application.
  4. Please start the application and follow on screen instructions to complete product licensing.

Please review the product documentation if using the iCOMPEL Data Engine application on a 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows.


The Black Box iCOMPEL Data Engine application contains comprehensive help in Adobe PDF and Windows Help file formats (both files contain the same content).

Context sensitive help can be accessed from within the application by hitting F1. The Adobe PDF help file link can be found in the Start menu, under the "Black Box iCOMPEL Data Engine" group.

A number of Sample "Smart Media" templates are supplied, and can be found in the 'Black Box IDE Media\media' directory on the machine the iCOMPEL Data Engine is installed on. Please refer to the documentation for further information.